Too Too

Herasmo and his daughter Lupe went out for a nice meal at the local Chinese buffet. Herasmo told Lupe a while back that he had never been to a Chinese restaurant because they scared him. Lupe heard this and figured that she’d take her father out for dinner once she received her first paycheck. Her … More Too Too


Donnie Gumbo was a man. A larger built man. A larger built man with soft eyes and a strong neck. He was in line behind his best friend Oli at a taco truck. It was lunchtime when his best friend died. Oliver Grim was standing in line in front of his best friend Donnie as … More Gumbo

Hongos. (Reprise)

Maria sat with her legs crossed tight enough to amputate a man’s hand if it found itself anywhere near them. She didn’t know much English, she carried all her money in cash, and she didn’t have her husband next to her. All she had was three children waiting in her suburban, pining for mushroom pizza. … More Hongos. (Reprise)

Mil Muertes

Uriel was fourteen when he started begging. At fifteen, he had gotten pretty good at it. At sixteen, people stopped giving him change. His beard was too scraggly and his teeth were too foul for his boyish charm to work anymore. Of course, it didn’t help that Janos, Mexico had been withering away over the … More Mil Muertes

El Cucuy

Santiago was seven when he first heard the name El Cucuy. It was back when his boyish wonder led him to places he shouldn’t be. He’d usually spend his time playing with his toys and cars in the living room. Santiago’s explosions rattled the glasses in the kitchen cabinets. His car engines growled and coughed … More El Cucuy

Pizza Brigade

On March 12, 2003, Artie feared for his life with five other people in the freezer of his University’s local pizza shop. They also sold pottery. Interesting business model. Artie stopped at La Cocina for lunch on this day. He figured he’d get a small pizza. Pineapple and mushroom for toppings. Light on the cheese. … More Pizza Brigade