Ulysses Hyde

Ulysses Hyde walked up the stairs to the Waverley’s house. He needed to check in on Mrs. Waverley, seeing her husband was abducted by aliens. Such as shame. Ulysses Hyde rung the doorbell twice before Mrs. Waverley answered the door. She was raw in the cheeks and pink in the eyes. Mr. Waverley’s funeral was … More Ulysses Hyde

Doctor! Doctor!

“Doctor! Doctor!” Mary-Ann howled as she ran through main street carrying her boy. The store owners peeked their bald heads out their doors. Dr. Hoover came in on his rickety wagon. Two spokes were missing on his right wheel. His horses were mighty and stood strong. One of them could easily pull the doctor, let … More Doctor! Doctor!


Sometimes I lay in my bed at night and wonder why is one eye more adjusted to the light than the other. And I lay there in the dark.  Winking at the night. But my eyes don’t adjust the same so I never rest.   And that’s how life is a lot of the times … More Sometimes