The bus arrives at the corner of 4th and Oak every morning at 6am. The bus driver, his name is Pete, wakes up at 4 in the morning, makes himself a strong cup of coffee, lets out the dogs, combs his hair, kisses his sleeping wife, lets the dogs back in, packs his lunch, drives … More Bean-Man


Terry and Cobb were on shift tonight at work. Overnight security. They watch over Old Lady Nora’s place over the Summer. That old complex of hers. It used to be her husband’s, but it was also her Uncle’s for a time. And she thinks her son has some stake in the property. It’s all really … More Heteroglossia


Paula hasn’t seen her friend Isaac in years. Last time she saw her it was back in high school right after Isaac got expelled for cooking pot brownies and handing them out to teachers. Classic Isaac. He always was in some kind of trouble. With the law. With the school. With his parents. With himself. … More Resurrection

The Sabrina

Willie Jr. had finally visited his father. After twenty five long years, Willie Jr. decided it was time to make amends with his dad. After all, his momma had died this last summer, and it really put it in perspective for Willie Jr. that people are only one Earth for a short amount of time. … More The Sabrina

Home Sweet Home

Artie came home for the holidays. Finally. Artie goes to school in Georgia, so getting back home to New Mexico isn’t an easy thing to do. When Artie does come home, it’s by plane. And Georgia never has any direct flights to New Mexico, so he has to take three flights to get home. That … More Home Sweet Home