Mil Muertes

Uriel was fourteen when he started begging. At fifteen, he had gotten pretty good at it. At sixteen, people stopped giving him change. His beard was too scraggly and his teeth were too foul for his boyish charm to work anymore. Of course, it didn’t help that Janos, Mexico had been withering away over the … More Mil Muertes

El Cucuy

Santiago was seven when he first heard the name El Cucuy. It was back when his boyish wonder led him to places he shouldn’t be. He’d usually spend his time playing with his toys and cars in the living room. Santiago’s explosions rattled the glasses in the kitchen cabinets. His car engines growled and coughed … More El Cucuy

Here Lies Chao

In the years leading up to the Vietnam War, Old Man Chao moved to Connecticut to pursue the American dream. Chao found the small town of Cornwall, Connecticut and made it his new home. Cornwall had a population of 300 back then. Everyone knew everyone. Everyone was related to everyone in some way. Then Chao … More Here Lies Chao

Pizza Brigade

On March 12, 2003, Artie feared for his life with five other people in the freezer of his University’s local pizza shop. They also sold pottery. Interesting business model. Artie stopped at La Cocina for lunch on this day. He figured he’d get a small pizza. Pineapple and mushroom for toppings. Light on the cheese. … More Pizza Brigade

Energy Machine

Domingo always wanted to play the guitar. When he told this to his father Saul, it took less than twenty minutes before grandpa Mundo’s guitar was retrieved from the basement. It seemed to have not collected dust over the years. It was polished and already tuned. Domingo and his father sat down at the kitchen … More Energy Machine


The bus arrives at the corner of 4th and Oak every morning at 6am. The bus driver, his name is Pete, wakes up at 4 in the morning, makes himself a strong cup of coffee, lets out the dogs, combs his hair, kisses his sleeping wife, lets the dogs back in, packs his lunch, drives … More Bean-Man


Terry and Cobb were on shift tonight at work. Overnight security. They watch over Old Lady Nora’s place over the Summer. That old complex of hers. It used to be her husband’s, but it was also her Uncle’s for a time. And she thinks her son has some stake in the property. It’s all really … More Heteroglossia